FAQ Frequently Asked Questions at Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo/Kyoto Inn Hotel

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What time is your check-in time and check-out time ?

A. Our check-in time is 3:00pm and check-out time is 11:00am.

Q. Can I leave my luggage if I arrive at your ryokan earlier ?

A. Yes we can mind your luggage before your check in and after check out.

Q. Is the public bath a hot spring and what are the operating hours?


A. It is not hot spring, though our public bath is big and very comfortable. It is open in the morning from 7:00am - 10:00am an from 3:00pm - 11:00pm. If your not sure of public bath protocol ask our friendly staff or see the English explanation in the Public Bathroom.




Q.Are the prices listed per person or per room?


A.The prices listed for ryokan Yachiyo are per room. By default, room prices will be listed as per night for two guests in one room. If you specify a different number of guests, the price will be automatically updated to reflect the total price for the room per night for the number of guests specified.


Q.What fees and taxes are included in the prices?


A.Our prices include the following fees and taxes:Room charge
Hotel service charges
Meal charge, if you choose to make a reservation including meal(s)
Consumption tax.



Q. Do you accept credit cards ?

A. Yes, though credit card payment is not accepted for telephone charges, massage or home delivery cost.


Q. Do you need credit information for making reservation ?


A. Yes, we need it.


Q. Where do you serve meals ?


A. We usually serve dinner or breakfast in the garden resutaurant, located on the 1st floor. Moreover, KAISEKI dinner can be prepared in your room.


Q. What is for the dinner and breakfast?


A. The course of a kaiseki is cooked among 8 to12dishes. The number of plates is decide dy feeling of a season,foods,or chief.Kaiseki can be chosen through an economy course, a standard course, and a deluxe course.

The time of the supper can be chosen from the time of onset at PM17:00,17:30,18:00,18:30,19:00,19:30.The room staff asks you the time of supper


Breakfast of Yachiyo

Please note, all breakfasts are served at our WASHOKU Garden Restaurant.

The time of the bearkfast can be chosen from the time of onset at AM 7:30,8:00,8:30.
The room staff asks you the time of breakfast.Breakfast is served at WASHOKU Garden Restaurant.



Q. Bedmaking,About the bed in the inn. There is a bed in the room ?


A.In a washitsu (tatami-mat room), futon, Japanese-style mattresses and bedding are spread out over the tatami mats.
Guests often say just how well they sleep on the futon of the ryokan, perhaps because of the well-starched sheets and
pillow covers.The room staff does bedmaking between 15:00 and 21:00. Moreover, while you are enjoying supper at
the restaurant,bedmaking is carried out when out..Supposing you need bedding, please telephone a front always.



Q. When the stay of two night stays or more is hoped, are the change in the course of
the dinner and the cancellation of dinner and breakfast possible?

A.Yes, it is possible. Please tell the reception desk the change or the cancellation of dinner and breakfast by the day before. The course of the dinner is changed every day. ryokan..a variety of..Japanese food..sukiyaki..yakitori..sushi..experience..Kyoto..first-class restaurant.



Q. Can you cook dinner without any meat and fish?


A. Yes, corresponding to an overseas visitor. (Lacto-ovo vegetarianism,Lacto vegetarianism,Ovo vegetarianism,Veganism)The breakfast can choose Japanese-style breakfast and Western-style breakfast.


Q. What will it be a landmark close to your Ryokan?


A. You will find the entrance of the approach lane leading to Nanzenji Temple.Ryokan Yachiyo is just on the right side of the lane.


Q. What amenities will be in my room?


A. All rooms have air con,TV and a hair dryer. The bathroom has a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner and a Yukata (Japanese Robe).



Q. Is there a washing machine ?


A.The cleaning is served. It is from 100JPN YEN a piece.



Q. What time is the curfew ?


A. We have always been waiting for 24 hours.



Q. Do you have non-smoking room ?


A. It has the no smoking room. Please contact me beforehand.

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