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Dining & WASHOKU japanese cuisine at Kyoto Garden Ryokan & Restaurant,Auberge, Yachiyo/Kyoto Inn,Hotel/Restaurant


    Kyoto garden WASHOKU restaurant RYOTEI Yachiyo,From THE RITZ-CARLTON KYOTO hotel to Yachiyo 10min by taxi, From Westin MIYAKO hotel toYachiyo 5min on foot.

  • Restaurant photos We renvated our garden WASHOKU restaurant to expand the seats by the garden side. Feel free to visit our Japanese culinary art and culture and new garden WASHOKU restaurant/Auberge and enjoy being in cool Japan!! Reservation Assistance>>


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Restaurant photosThe Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo began as a WASHOKU restaurant and is still respected as an exclusive restaurant serving the traditional Kyoto style of dining. Our restaurant, called Kyoto Garden Restaurant YACHIYO(Dining & Garden Yachiyo) is right next to our ryokan, and serves Japanese culinary art.


Kyoto Garden WASHOKU Restaurant RYOTEI Yachiyo



If dinner is wished to have, please request a front by 18:00 of the day.*SUSHI KAISEKI,Seasonal a deluxe course, and a luxury course,A vegetarian dinner courses: Reservaton necessary 1days prior.(Cancellations must be made by 3 days before the dinner day.)

Dining photosAt the Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo/Auberge, one highlight of the Ryokan is the Kaiseki(Japanese Traditional cuisine)dinng experince. Kaiseki began as a simple a meal served before a tea ceremony, since Kyoto is a mecca for Sado, or tea ceremony. Kaiseki has also evolved into an elaborate display of many types of seasonal foods,Tempura ,Sushi each served in their own seperate dish.The course of a kaiseki is cooked among 8 to12dishes. The number of plates is decide dy feeling of a season,foods,or chief. Kaiseki can be chosen through an standard course, a deluxe course, a luxury course,and a vegetarian dinner courses.The menu changes every day. You can enjoy various japanese food in Yachiyo.
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In Japan, there are many traditions and customs based on the changing of the seasons and Kaiseki expresses the best seasonal ingredients available, served according to refined aesthetics and from highly trained and skilled japanese chefs.

Individual dishes in Kaiseki are created and severed at exact conditions; the warm dishes are always served warm, and the cold dishes are served at the right temperature. That is why the Ryokan stresses being on time for dinner to experience this perfection.

Dinner of Yachiyo KAISEKI dinner from 9936JPN to 24840JPN.


At Ryokan Yachiyo, you can enjoy this superb Kaiseki experience, since we offer rooms with Kaiseki included. You can select to have your dinner in your room, or at our garden restaurant.

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KAISEKI 9936JPN of the month -April-


ゆずリキュール Yuzu citrus liqueur.


旬の物:Seasonal appetizer,養老豆腐ちらし枝豆 ,Grated Japanese yam jellied by agar,鮑炙り Grilled abalone,美味出汁 broth,新順才 
Freshwater shield,新柚子Fresh Yuzu.


八寸:Appetizer (hors d'oeuvres),鯛笹巻鮨 Sea bream sushi rolled by bamboo leaves,胡瓜蓮芋海月胡麻和へ Cucumbers, colocasia gigantean, carrots, and jellyfishes with sesame and vinegar sauce,鰊人参昆布巻き Herrings and carrots rolled by kelp,新生姜甘煮 Fresh ginger simmered by soy sauce and sugar ,チーズ真蒸Boiled fish paste with cheese,小倉諸味掛 Okura with unrefined soy sauce,花蓮根酢漬けFlower shaped pickled lotus roots,才巻海老雲丹和へ Boiled shrimps with sea urchins.


煮物椀:Cooked dish南京葛仕立て)活鱧葛打 Conger pikes coated by kudzu starch,賀茂茄子揚げ煮 Deep fried and simmered Kamo eggplants,木ノ芽 a leaf bud,小松菜結び Tied komatsuna, a leafy green vegetable for decoration.


向附け:Raw fish,活鯛あらい Sea breams,鮪Tuna,剣先湯取 Boiled squid,鱧落し Boiled conger pikes 梅肉 Pickled plum paste as seasoning,茗荷 Japanese ginger,穂じそ Hojiso.


焚合わせ :Foods simmered by broth,活穴子竜眼巻き A tiny egg rolled by conger eels -a dragon's eye as its motif,白ずいき A white stem of a taro,冬瓜松前煮 A white gourd-melon simmered by grated yam and kelp,新小芋 Fresh taro,衣士や豆 Kinusaya beans.


中皿: Deep fried seafood,万願寺海老射込み Manganji green peppers stuffed with ground shrimps,サーモンもろこし揚げ Deep fried salmon and corn ball,三度豆 Sandomame beans,小茄子椎茸 Tiny eggplants and shiitake mushrooms,天出汁 Tempura sauce (Soy sauce flavored).


焼肴:Grilled fish,鮎塩焼き Grilled ayu sweet fish salt sprinkled,タテ酢 smartweeds with vinegar  for ayu, 新甘芋ブランデー煮,Sweet potatoes simmered by brandy,はじかみVinegared fresh ginger,伏見唐辛子田舎煮 Fushimi green pepper simmered by soy sauce and sugar.


酢の物:Vinegared food,鰻蒲焼 Grilled eel,貝柱炙り Grilled scallops,青瓜 Gourd,針白葱 Finely chopped spring onion,若菜 Broccoli sprouts,土佐酢 Vinegar with bonito and kelp broth,生姜 Ginger juice.


留椀:赤出汁:Miso soup made with reddish-brown miso (soybean paste).揚げ栗麩 deep fried foxtail millet fu,庄内麩 fu from shonai,三ツ葉ミジン finely chopped mitsuba, honewort,山椒 Japanese pepper.


吸物:Soup,魚身葛打 Fish meat coated by kudzu starch,貝割菜 White radish sprouts,千枚うどThinly sliced udo,木ノ芽 leaf buds,庄内麩 Shonai fu.


香の物:Pickled vegetables,京漬物  柚子大根 Pickled radish with yuzu citrus,茄子辛子漬  Eggplants pickled in mustard,しば漬 Cucumber pickled in beefsteak plant.

御飯:Rice,うすい豆飯 rice with peas.

水物:Desserts,蕨餅 Bracken-starch dumpling,キウイ kiwis,さくらんぼCherries,ホイップ Whipped cream


Please enjoy our Japanese cuisine.

Chef  Toshiyuki Hondou


Dinner of Yachiyo WAGYU Beef dinner from 9936JPN to 24840JPN.


At Ryokan Yachiyo, you can enjoy this superb WAGYU Beef experience, since we offer rooms with Japanese cuisine included. You can select to have your dinner in your room, or at our garden restaurant.

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The time of the dinner can be chosen from the time of onset at PM17:00,17:30,18:00,18:30,19:00,19:30.The room staff asks you the time of diiner.Reservation Assistance>>


Breakfast of Yachiyo 2484JPN.


Japanese style "Bento"Breakfast photosPlease note, all breakfasts are served at our garden restaurant.

Western style Breakfast photos

The time of the bearkfast can be chosen from the time of onset at AM 7:30,8:00,8:30.
The room staff asks you the time of breakfast.Breakfast is served at garden restaurant.

What is WASHOKU Kyoto Cuisine?


What is the most important aspect of Kyoto Cuisine? The answer is in the artisitc expression of the seasonal beauty of foods. In Kyoto Cuisine, only the most selective fresh foods and ingredients are prepared. All tableware is carefully selected for their highest aesthetic qualities. Even the designs of the chopsticks are tastefully selected and respectful of the food being prepared and served.

In Kyoto Cuisine, the most important ingredient is Dashi broth made from kelp. Each restaurant has their own unique way of making Dashi broth and is carefully made over a long period of time. The most important ingredient in Dashi broth is water. The water in Kyoto is excellent and very good in making Dashi broth as the water is soft (less chemicals) when compared to the water of Tokyo.

Dashi broth is the base of every dish in our cuisine. At Yachiyo, every morning, we boil pure water with high quality Rishiri Kelp for nearly an hour. After taking the Rishiri Kelp from the water, the broths simmers without boiling. Then, Kezuribushi (flaked dried bonito) is added. Residue is removed to keep the Dashi pure, and after about 20 minutes left standing, the broth is filtered. It is time consuming, but is the secret of excellent Kyoto Cuisine.

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What is kaiseki?

Kaiseki photosThe word kaisekioriginally had little todo with cooking or tea.The kaimeans "bosom"andsekimeans"stone," and the term comes from the habit of monks in training to carry a heated stone in their robes,the warmth of which was intended to stave off hunger. Over the years,the word came to mean light meals to ward off the pangs of an empty stomach.
The cuisine`s connection with tea began with Sen no Rikyu (1522-1591),the most renowed master of the tea ceremony. The hight caffeine content of the powdered green tea was almost too intense to drink on an empty stomach,so tea ceremony practitioners began serving snacks to better enable guests to enjoy their tea. Rikyu`s course was very simple at first--a bowl of miso soup and three side dishes--but the cooking became more elabolate as other side dishes were added.Although the style of kaiseki created in restaulants like yachiyo based on Rikyu`s philosophy,as chefs we must focus on our curomers`enjoyment of the food,so the structure of our courses differs greatly from the tea master`s. Today we distinguish brtween courses specifically for the tea ceremony --cha-kaiseki--and restaurant courses,known simply as kaiseki. There in another style,kyo-kaiseki,based on kyoto`s traditional local cuisine, including shojin-ryori vegetarian temple food. In a city as small as Kyoto,of course,we have seen much overlapping of kaiseki and these local dishes,so I would have to say my meals are part of the Kyo-kaiseki tradition.


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Room rates for the Winter Season(From DEC, 2016 through March, 2017) are different from the regular rate.Early Booking Saver Super Hot Deal!


Room rates for the Winter Season(From DEC, 2016 through March, 2017) are different from the regular rate.Early Booking Saver Super Hot Deal!
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Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo/Kyoto Inn,Hotel


Kyoto Garden Restaurant RYOTEI Yachiyo


34 Nanzenji Fukuji-cho
Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi
Kyoto 606-8435 JAPAN

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