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Descriptions of rooms and facilities, The HONKAN-main building and the SHINKAN-new building,YACHIYO built in Nanzenji temple in 1890.


Kyoto Gaden Ryokan Yachiyo/Kyoto Inn,Hotel is located near the NANSENJI TEMPLE in the HIGASHIYAMA area of KYOTO It is just a short walk along a lane from the famous NANZENJI TEMPLE. You will notice the Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo very easily from a big paper lantern in front of the Ryokan.

Once you crossed through the gateway into the Ryokan, you have now entered a landscaped space filled with seasonal flowers. Kyoto Garden Ryokan Yachiyo is a small hotel where the tradition of Japan has been succeeded to. Therefore, there is no rooms of the same environment. Each rooms describes an original environment. 

There are two types of buildings for accommodations at Kyoto Gaden Ryokan Yachiyo, one is the The HONKAN-Main Building(Year Hotel Built: 1890.First floor or second floor), the main and older building, and the other isThe SHINKAN-New Building, (Year Hotel Built: 1994.second floor)a newer building. 

From the restaurant and Traditional Japanese style guest rooms, you can enjoy look upon beautiful Japanese gardens created by the master landscape designer OGAWA JIHEI, as well as view the HIGASHIYAMA mountains, which dramatically change according to the season. In all areas of the Ryokan, you will experience the quaint atmosphere and charm of Kyoto.

Entering a ryokan


When you arrive at a Ryokan, Ryokan staff will call out Nakai-san, welcoming you. As nobody is supposed to walk inside of Ryokan building with shoes, please remove your shoes at the entrance. You will be supplied with slippers. After you check in, a Ryokan staff will take you to your guest room.

The HONKAN- Main Building and The SHINKAN-New Building guest room's interiors are always in the traditional Japanese style, with Tatami mat flooring. Tatami mats are in 2 different sizes, Kyouma (Kyoto size), and Edoma (Tokyo size), and they also determine the dimensions of the rooms. Please don't step on the tatami floor with your slippers, please remove your slippers first. 

Inside the guest room, Yukata (Kimono-like robe) will be provided. You can wear Yukata as pajama's, or as a robe walking around the Ryokan. If you like, you can wear Yukata walking outside of Ryokan, and imagine yourself in medieval Kyoto in the days of the Samurai and geisha. You can change your clothes into Yukata right after you come to your room to relax.



HONKAN main building built in Nanzenji temple in 1890. We renovated our 4 rooms to expand the Onsen style Bathroom by the garden side. Feel free to visit our Japanese culinary art and culture and new garden room and enjoy being in cool Japan!!

After walking along a quaint, long wooden passageway, you will reach a fantastic space designed in the modern Japanese style. Wide, spacious spaces are provided by the lounge and required for the elevator, it is comfortable place and even accessible for elderly people.
Guestrooms at the SHINKAN (new building is All second floor) are of 12.5 TATAMI size room. The rooms are located in the center of the building, so you can relax and enjoy your experience and Kyoto Cuisine in a private space.




We will provide a toothbrush, shampoo, Yomogi Herb Soap, razor, towels,
Yukata (Kimono like bathrobe), hot water and Green tea.

Also, Mineral water from the Nihon Alps is available free in the lounge
in the Shinkan (New Building),
and Matsueido incense (a leading brand of Japanese incense) is provided at the front desk.

It is a small inn in 16 rooms in total. There is no big public bath, but we have it. Amenity is natural wormwood soap ordered from Miyama in Kyoto, original amenity of POLA, natural water of the Alps.
Please heal the tiredness of your trip slowly.

You can enjoy the Yachiyo's historical furnishings and the Tsuboi in the lounge. Since Yachiyo supports the family trip, we also lend toys and DVD for children.


On the second floor there is a large hall "Higashiyama" "Heian", please enjoy an important gathering such as an alumni association, a ceremonial event, a legal affair, etc. Please enjoy Kyoto cuisine in the private garden private room.